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  How did u learn bout Hikki?


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How did u learn bout Hikki?
U've probably wondered how people have learned about Hikki. I wonder that too. So how did you learn bout Hikki? Was it from a friend, first love, random searches on Youtube or something else? I learned bout Hikki from my first love. He told me that the song "First Love" reminds him of me. So please tell me how u knew bout Hikki. Make it super interesting!
Posted on: 2011/9/30 8:50
  •  Kawashima
Re: How did u learn bout Hikki?
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There's already a topic about it, look here: http://www.utadanet.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=4910&forum=3

I noticed that most of people know Hikki from Kingdom Hearts. Some knew her from the very beginning, and really few, like me, know her thanks to Rebuild of Evangelion. Hope that helps^^
Posted on: 2011/9/30 9:32
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