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Animadness cover Utada Hikaru's song Discussion
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Well since it related to Hikki stuff, I guess I start new thread here.

For me Animadness do an awesome job , four thumbs for them


You guys should check them out

edit : moved by me lol
Posted on: 2011/12/15 4:49
  •  GIGAcorrupt
Re: Animadness cover Utada Hikaru
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I was bored last night so I came here to lurk around. To my surprise our news section has been updated with fan covers. The article said they were amazing. Before clicking I decided to log in.

After pressing play I feared that it would be some upbeat pop-rock, but after listening more I was really pleased. This might be one of the best covers I've ever heard. The vocalist did a splendid job and so did the band. I would honestly love to hear this band do more Hikki covers while Hikaru is absent.

Keep up the good work, band.
Posted on: 2011/12/15 13:31
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