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Fan art: New Single「reverie」
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Limited Edition CD+DVD

Regular Edition CD Only:

Game Edition (Preorder Bonus) CD Only

Under slipcover:

1. reverie
3. reverie (Original Instrumental)
4. REVERSE (Original Instrumental)

1. reverie PV
2. PV making of

Game Edition Tracklist:
1. reverie (Opening Version)
2. 光 (Orchestral version)
3. Sanctuary~Passion (Kingdom Hearts II medley)
4. rebirth* (preview)
5. reverie (Ending version)

*rebirth is the English version of reverie.

Signature made by me (DEEP RIVER from AHS Forum)
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Posted on: 2012/4/9 11:37
  •  Kawashima
Re: Fan art: New Single reverie
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Nice covers. The best one is the first, I like the backround and the way it shows both Utada and Kingdom Hearts. Actually, if she had a song called REVERSE, I think it would be an epic ballad, something between Passion and Take 5. By the way, when I first saw this thread, I was a bit confused. Such a shame it's fake. Either way, good job, Polyrhythm!
Posted on: 2012/4/14 9:17
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