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Japanese Language
UtadaNet Regular
Joined: 2012/10/5
Posts: 35
Is anyone here actually proficient in Japanese? If so maybe those of you could assist us less fortunate ones .

I sort of am aware that speaking the language wouldn't be as hard as written. I'm Chinese but I barely speak my language and I only know Cantonese no Mandarin. She literally just tweeted and I attempted to use Google translate... major no go.

So if some of you have the time and the ability to teach your language it would be immensely appreciated
Believe in yourself, because nobody else will.
Posted on: 2012/10/6 2:08
Re: Japanese Language
UtadaNet Newbie
Joined: 2014/5/27
Posts: 4
where r u?i am Chinese,i live in Beijing.
my website:Pekingmaster
Posted on: 2014/5/28 0:09
Re: Japanese Language
Hikki Fanatic
Joined: 2012/8/5
A/S/L 22 / Male / Marseille
Posts: 103
I can speak japanese fluently (I learnt with a childhood friend of mine), I can handle the 5 years old kind of writing and a more serious writing if I have the a japanese "romaji to kana" keyboard...
But I'm completely unable to read it! *it really annoys me 'cause I can't understand the tweets of Hikaru ._.*

I really wish I could help you!
Watashi hitohira no yuki ni hajikeru
Watashi no omokage ga mienai ka na
Posted on: 2014/6/6 10:10
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