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Re: Kingdom Hearts 3
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GIGAcorrupt wrote:
It's nothing complex...but I just don't like Disney.

yeah,me too...after i know that they used Sakura Drops in Disney On Ice 3 years ago(i think)without her permission...

So,it's up to Hikki if she want to make the theme song or not...i don't mind at all...I really hope she'll comeback with her cool and unique songs...
Posted on: 2013/7/2 4:15
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Re: Kingdom Hearts 3
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I don't understand. Didn't Utada already state that she never wants to work with Disney again because of Disney not paying her? Am I wrong? Also, I'm sure there are plenty of other Japanese soloists who are good for singing fantasy like songs. As a fan, I would rather Demi Lovato step away from one of the coolest RPGs series I have played.
Posted on: 2013/7/4 23:11
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