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It's been ages!

Hope everyone is doing well!

A lot has happened with me since the last time I posted (which... I don't remember exactly when that it)..

I met someone new and moved back to Tennessee from Texas. I just couldn't take living there with my parents anymore and moved in with my boyfriend in Clarksville- he was stationed at Ft. Campbell.

About 9 months later, just before Thanksgiving, he springs on me that we're moving to New York City. I didn't really want to move again.. Especially so far away from my family in general and away from Nashville (my home <3).

But literally 2 days before we were supposed to leave (December 11), my mom had an unexpected massive heart attack and passed away. And then 3 days before Christmas, her older sister & only sibling died of stage 4 lung cancer. So. Going to NYC for me was delayed by almost 3 months since I had to take care of my dad.

This was all last year.

I'm in NYC! We were living in northern Queens on the west side, just a 30 min train ride from Manhattan, but decided we wanted a dog, found an awesome apartment down by the beach in lower Queens, and here we are!

We have a gorgeous 4 month old boxer puppy named Penny- she's hilarious and spoiled rotten.

And most recently... I got to see X Japan. Live. At Madison Square Garden. As much as I love Hikki, they're my all time #1 fav band. It was a dream come true. Never ever ever did I imagine I'd get an opportunity like that. They actually did their full on show with the lights and pyrotechnics and everything. And they played for 3 hours straight. I was in tears the entire time.

Anywho! Lol hi!
Posted on: 2014/11/25 9:41
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