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  SAMURAI ♥ Utada Hikaru - Fly Me To The Moon -2017 remix-


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SAMURAI ♥ Utada Hikaru - Fly Me To The Moon -2017 remix-
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Posted on: 2017/4/13 20:23
  •  Appleandcinnamon
Re: SAMURAI e Utada Hikaru - Fly Me To The Moon -2017 remix-
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Not bad. I did kind of enjoy your remix even though I found it a bit odd at times. I was a pre-teen hobbyist in the late 90s and early 2000s working with audio cassette tapes where I would take them apart to repair broken pads and rollers and other mechanical parts of the tape casing that would prevent play or could cause damage to the magnetic tape. As a result, I have developed a keen ear for discordances, warbling, and distortions that meant the magnetic tape was developing problems. In listening to your remix, I had to listen with an ear for creativity rather than mechanical perfection which no longer exists in this so-called "Digital Age". Anyhow, I love the echoing quality you gave Hikki's vocals. Very ethereal. :)
Posted on: 2017/4/15 10:33
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