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  What is your least favorite Utada Hikaru song?


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Re: What is your least favorite Utada Hikaru song?
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Pips_Paradise wrote:
Lobbo not at all, the lyric?s to both Heart Station and TiTo were both written by Hikki, they ?feel? in a literal sense miles apart now that's how I personally feel?... ...I have mixed feelings emotionally about the music and lyrics to Utada's English work..

Honestly I have not gone gaga..

Having a different opinion does not diminish or elevate ones appreciation of Utada..... Jiremi

All I'm saying is be appreciative instead of telling your opinion. Remember, she does it "For You" <---

Btw, I've gone gaga....Lady Gaga...
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Posted on: 2010/4/17 16:33
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