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Re: Which music fits u?
Hikki Fanatic
Joined: 2006/5/12
A/S/L male 19 New York
Posts: 169
does anyone else here like greenday?
liv life to the fullest or you will regret it later. cuz when the fun stops, it all ends
Posted on: 2006/5/15 19:27
Re: Which music fits u?
Insane Hikki Fan
Joined: 2006/5/10
A/S/L 18/m/cali
Posts: 2008
well the music that fits me is hip-hop r&b rap and j-pop
its funny how tha music puts time in perspective add a sound track to ur life and perfect it whenever your feelin blue keep walkin and we can get far wherever u are
- shing02 luv sic pt3
Posted on: 2006/5/15 19:55
  •  meme
Re: Which music fits u?
Addicted to Hikki
Joined: 2005/8/30
Posts: 69
i proudly say anything utada hikaru fits me
lol... well aside from THAT lol...
anything japanese fits me
well jrock... mainly... and most jpop...
the only thing that doesn't suit me is..
boyband stuff >_> even japanese >_>
and NO i have never ever been through an... 'n'sync phase'
i would most probably shoot myself if i have >_>
no offense to anyone of course :)
Posted on: 2006/5/16 4:22
  •  Unregistered
Re: Which music fits u?
id say jpop.but hip hop, rap,and rnb, wood fit me well too.!!!!
Posted on: 2006/5/17 19:32
  •  kari
Which music fits u?
UtadaNet Newbie
Joined: 2006/5/8
A/S/L 21/F/London Uk
Posts: 17
Well my music taste depends on my current mood. So that could range to Pop, Acoustic, Jpop, Kpop, Chinesepop, acoustic.... rock errr ets. My mini ipod has many wonderous and strange tracks.... waaaah...
Posted on: 2006/5/17 20:14
  •  Pips_Paradise
Re: Which music fits u?
Insane Hikki Fan
Joined: 2009/6/8
A/S/L 18/F/London
Posts: 1285
Sorry I wanted to change this thread to Funks You?alas? ?fits U? sound cool enough to me ?Summer arrived ?

Its called a ?360?????.the guy on the far right has a perm to die for ?.

Average White Band - The Jugglers 1973


Average White Band -The Jugglers 2009


Average white band ??Put it where you want it??..1973 ..Mr Perm is all present and correct, ?Hamish?..Did they really where strides like that?


Average White Band (Moore Square Park) One More Time / Put It Where You Want It..2009


The Crusaders-Put It Where You Want It (1972) ?the original


Edit: One more ...

Average White Bsnd ....Cut the Cake...Hamish has cut his hair ..Boo Hoo....


Average White Band ...Cut the Cake ...2006 ..a wild guess

Posted on: 2011/6/7 10:01
  •  Hikkis1in1million
Re: Which music fits u?
Hikki Fanatic
Joined: 2010/1/16
A/S/L 13/F/UK
Posts: 100
Well, I really enjoy listing to J-Rock and J-Pop, but I also like listening to Pop-rock, rock, heavy metal and someother things in between, as well as "rock" from the 70's and stuff ^^ The english music I like usually is like Green Day, The Cure, Fall Out Boy, Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot, etc. ^^
I've had people coming up to me and will say stuff like "why do you listen to it if you don't understand it?" and stuff like that. I've also been called "Japan girl" by several kids from my tutor group because of liking Japanese music.
Though, my more "gothic" friends don't really mind the fact I like Japanese music, concidering they can barely understand the screamo music they listen to

The Flavor of life, The Flavor of life ~
Posted on: 2011/6/10 8:46
  •  SwallowTail
Re: Which music fits u?
Joined: 2008/6/13
A/S/L ∞ / M / Indonesia
Posts: 3286
Beside Utada

Disturbed, Puddle of mud, Korn.
MISIA ,Yoko Kanno ,Sunday Michiru,May'N,Anggun
Aira Mitsuki, Ami Suzuki,Capsule,Perfume
Sheila on 7 , Sherina , Garasi, Twilight Orchestra Addie MS.
Posted on: 2011/6/14 5:31
  •  Pips_Paradise
Re: Which music fits u?
Insane Hikki Fan
Joined: 2009/6/8
A/S/L 18/F/London
Posts: 1285
Good News, I have found some possible replacements for Kumikon , Chatmonchy?s soon to be departing drummer/ percussionist, Tristan will be pleased (well sort of), First up is Carl. Now Carls Mum has promised to buy him the whole kit for Christmas, and he?s prepared to don a wig and frock if Tristan asks him nicely ?..The solo?..let it run for ten or so second....


The CARL PALMER Ludwig "Venus" Signature Snare Drum?..special audition in his bathroom ?


?..and if you are still not convinced his Paiste Cup Chime Hi-Hat Clip


??.No ?..If it has to be a Girl ??.so up next we have Sheila, Vera, and Emmanuelle

Sheila E. Drum Solo......


Vera Figueiredo........


Emmanuelle Caplette: OMNI SABIAN PART 1 (Swing Feel)...


Emmanuelle Caplette on drum (June 2009)......


??..And for Kon Kon ?the Laughing Kookaburra ?.now after me Kayoko. ...... ......

I Taut I Taw a Puddy Tat??.lol


Some clips I am very fond of at the moment ??..

I so loved this ?.Su Funky Korean Girl


From the 80?s a decade Utada draws a lot of inspiration from, David Sylvian the consummate New Romantic, isn?t he the prettiest guy on this planet ?.

Japan.. David Sylvian quiet life ?.


Japan Swing 1981......


Ryuichi Sakamoto with David Sylvian-heartbeat....


the original arrangement ?..

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Heartbeat (D&L1995 Live)


Sylvian & Sakamoto - Forbidden Colours


Work your way to the end and there?s Utada Hikaru Early Show WIDESCREEN version.......


And Lastly ?????Avril Lavigne & SMAP-Girlfriend In Japan?.

SMAP are great sports , I mean listen to the lyrics ?.Avril Lavigne finds it very difficult to keep a straight face, and yes they did sing ?hell yeah I?m the mother f**king princess? ??was this really broadcast on TV in Japan?....

Posted on: 2011/9/2 14:16
  •  LoBFCanti
Re: Which music fits u?
Insane Hikki Fan
Joined: 2009/3/5
A/S/L 20/M/Brooklyn,NY
Posts: 1226
Where did you dig for that Sheila E. Performance? Marvelous. The Korean guitarist was pretty sick as was Carl. Well have to wait til November to get word of their new support drummer sadly :/
Posted on: 2011/9/3 21:35
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