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  [April 2006] Messages from Hikki


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[April 2006] Messages from Hikki
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(see previous 10 day marathon of messages here)
Original messages at www.u3music.com

(Nuuks transaltion)
She talks about www.mixi.jp online community site. She herself has an account.

APRIL 12 - 2:07am
(Nuuks translation)
Ooops! - Her mixi account got swamped by people finding her account. She got bombarded by messages. She read them all then canceled her account.

APRIL 12 - 11:26pm
(Nuuks translations)
She apologizes again for the mixi incident. She goes on to talk about her relationship with her dad.

(Nuuks translation)

She talks about this picture and about one of her first photoshoots. Talks about Kuge-san the photographer she worked with, who is working with her again today. She asks "hey, looking at the photo above do you think I've changed? Or not?"
Posted on: 2006/4/16 5:50
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