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  •  sachone
its funny.....
UtadaNet Regular
Joined: 2006/6/21
Posts: 24
so my sister had the tv on the other day, random channel surfing. and then suddenly i heard utada hikaru!! nothing really new in my house because im playing utada songs quite a bit, but to hear her on the TV!! and in London!!! and Sanctuary of all songs!! the hairs at the back of my neck stood up!!
yay Kingdom Hearts 2 is realeased in the UK!! 29th september 2006
Posted on: 2006/10/3 3:52
  •  tombraiderjmm
Re: its funny.....
Insane Hikki Fan
Joined: 2004/9/27
Posts: 1623
Oh that's right, fans in Europe had to wait like a whole year to get KH2, right? LOL cool! Yay! x3
Posted on: 2006/10/3 12:52
  •  riku
Re: its funny.....
Hikki Fanatic
Joined: 2006/4/12
A/S/L 16/Female/Belgium
Posts: 134
how cool. i never saw a song of Utada here before :(
And i bought KH2 last friday too ^_^ i've been playing non-stop since then. well, i do have to study, but in my spare time you'll find me doing that. i'm currently at pirates of the carribian (it's taking a bit longer, i started playing from the proud mode, just to make it a little bit more exciting) so don't tell me the ending :D
Posted on: 2006/10/5 12:44
  •  Lily
Re: its funny.....
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2005/12/26
Posts: 618
Yeah I remember reading something about that. That would immediately get my attention too if I heard Utada on tv because it's rare and if it's anything, it's for Kingdom Hearts. So yeah, that's cool it's out in Europe now. Yay!
Posted on: 2006/10/5 13:44
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