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  nihonjin lesson 12


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nihonjin lesson 12
Hello, I'm Riku, I'll be continuing his lessons.

I'll list some sentences, so... be resdy

ohayogozaimasu-good morning
kiotsukete-take care
dou-itashimashite-your welcome
Imananji-what time is it?
watashi no namae wa...-my name is...
or omae no namae wa...-your name is...
nihongo o hana shimasu ka? do you speak japanese
I'll give you the rest tomorrow, bye-bye
Posted on: 2007/8/15 15:22
Re: nihonjin lesson 12
Insane Hikki Fan
Joined: 2006/10/9
A/S/L 17/F/Singapore
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can sum1 email mi the rest of the lesson n the previous lesson link??
cause i can hardly on9 tis mth n nxt..
so ya...
i kindly nid u guyz help..
Posted on: 2007/8/16 3:10
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