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Club Live (Microsoft)
Hikki Obsessed
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Has anyone ever heard of that Club Live website by Microsoft? Basically, you play [or more like SOLVE] their online games for free, which earn you a certain amount of points. With the points you can choose the prize[s] you want from the prize list. You get it free and they'll ship the stuff to your address. Yes, free. Free.

Okay so I found out about the site from my brother way back in July 2007, when it was brand new. So we were all like "oh this is kinda cool" but it was super slow getting points. And we wanted the better prizes (Vista, Microsoft Zune, Xbox 360 crap) which were like 10,000+ points. Sooo we just macroed and hacked the games (lmao) and got a ton of points in one day. And then we just ordered the prizes we wanted. Then like less than 2 days later Microsoft probably noticed all the hackers and stuff so they made this new thing where you can only get certain amount of points per day, and the maximum total too. Plus if they noticed you were getting points too fast at one time, your points would automatically be reset to 0. And some people got banned altogether. Well that pretty much sucked. Because there was still one more prize I wanted which was the Zune (20,000 tickets.) But because of the new rule crap, I couldn't get it. So I just decided to make a new account (with new email address) and just slowed down the bots so I'd still get points faster than normally except just took a few more days. So finally I got enough points and ordered the Zune. Well it said that I should receive my stuff by like September 20 something, 2007. Which was like 2 months away. Well I never did get anything, and I never got a confirmation email either. Neither did my brother.

BUT. Today we got 2 Fed Ex notes with our names, correct address, saying we are getting 2 packages each. (So I guess, BOTH of my accounts worked and the same for my brother). I should be getting it tomorrow. Kinda gave up on this whole prize deal several months ago because it's been almost a year since then!!! Hmm patience pays off, I guess? Lol.

All right, so this is what I ordered on my first main account:
7/10/2007 Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 Web ... 3,800
7/10/2007 Microsoft Laptop Tote 5,000
7/10/2007 Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Hea... 1,500
7/10/2007 Zune Leather Case - Black 1,900
7/9/2007 Microsoft Windows Vista Ultima... 6,000
Redemption total: 18,200
But it actually says in my lifetime I've earned 22,347 points. I guess they took away some of them. Oh well. So basically I ordered a Webcam, laptop tote, headset, Zune case, Windows Vista. On my other account I ordered the actual Zune for 20,000 tickets. My brother ordered a bunch of stuff too...Can't remember exactly. Some of the prizes were sucky cheap crap so I already tried to get some of the better items. I noticed though, as time went by they removed some of the best items and replaced them with crummy prizes for almost the same amount of tickets. I'm lucky? xD

I'll take a pic if I get a chance tomorrow.
WOOOOOOOOOO ^__________^

Posted on: 2008/4/3 15:05
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