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  [2/09/2005] Another new message from Hikki!


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[2/09/2005] Another new message from Hikki!
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[2/09] www.U3music.com
Another new blog message from Utada! (Japanese)

She mentions the upcoming showcase, how busy she is right now, and that she is currently working on a new song. She talks about how, just like last year, she is once again busy with preparing for a live performance and producing a new music. She also quotes Einstein and has gotten the new iPod Shuffle.

A translation from Nuuk is likely to be up soon.

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Posted on: 2005/2/9 1:14
Re: [2/09/2005] Another new message from Hikki!
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.^_^. she has an ipod!
Posted on: 2005/7/3 20:52
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