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  Dear Mom - remake of First Love


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Dear Mom - remake of First Love
UtadaNet Newbie
Joined: 2009/2/3
Posts: 11
I was looking through myspace and i ran across this remake of Utada's First Love. I think it's really well done. What do you guys think about it? it's the second track.


This is what the singer said about the song in one of her myspace blog posts.

I found this beautiful instrumental on the internet and began writing to it with songwriter Step Holla. I put my real emotions out and raw feelings into the song and I absolutely love it. The name of the song I wrote is called "Dear Mom." A couple of days later i tried to look up who had composed the beat and if any one actually used it. I wasn't surprised to find that it was used by a Japanese artist a while back. The original song is called "first love". I really put my heart and soul into this song,I hope you enjoy my remake!!! XOXOXOXOOXOX Bebe Rexha Here is the original artist and her singing her version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npE0Y3nwfI4
Posted on: 2009/3/17 22:44
  •  SwallowTail
Re: Dear Mom - remake of First Love
Joined: 2008/6/13
A/S/L ∞ / M / Indonesia
Posts: 3286
wow she use first love beat but using her own lyric, i'm impressed GOOD ONE, thanks for sharing. Btw she didn't mention it was Utada who made the original song >.<
Posted on: 2009/3/18 1:39
  •  <3_UtadaHikaru_Aijin_<3
Re: Dear Mom - remake of First Love
Show Off!
Joined: 2007/7/24
A/S/L 17/M/Cal
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pretty impresseive thx for sharing
Posted on: 2009/3/18 2:27
  •  FunkyStrawberries
Re: Dear Mom - remake of First Love
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2007/9/14
A/S/L 25/ F/NY
Posts: 389
Shes got a nice voice.
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Posted on: 2009/3/18 7:09
  •  Kumachang
Re: Dear Mom - remake of First Love
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2009/2/15
Posts: 275
hm it's ok but i don't like it that much... imo the song just fits our 16yo Hikki lol But it's way better than 90% of all cover versions or translated covers
Posted on: 2009/3/18 7:18
  •  KeepTryin87
Re: Dear Mom - remake of First Love
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2008/9/10
A/S/L 22/F/Atlanta, GA USA
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It is ok, I think I have to be in a certain mood to listen to it.
"Livin' up my life until I die"--Utada Hikaru
Posted on: 2009/3/28 15:37
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