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Magazine.Music.Yahoo.co.jp : Utada report HOT Artist
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Magazine.music.yahoo.co.jp report of Utada as HOT artist
Check it out
HOT Artist : Utada


Utada's new album "This is the One" on track listen!

Utada's four years in the name of a new album. I said while reading the interview for this new Album, let's check the track in a listen!

"Because as a musician and now as an adult."
Utada Hikaru is a few people in Japan who made a historical record, for a further leap forward "Utada" is the name of his 2004 U.S. debut in October. About four and a half years since then. Utada again like it's time to start. Utada's long-awaited second album This Is The One.

Why you restart at this time, Utada is "a good time to do now."

"They said you have settled in Japan the album, I have a feeling that it has come at the right time in America to do in private. For example, if a little mature to sing a few years ago and I think it was already on the stretch you feel anxious, but now also in age (and to sing a song of such content) and is not uncomfortable, and now that the age I'm feeling. I mean they grow up as musicians and as people. Now, to try first, I thought I do not really have a good time. "

"The original album was a little closure," reflect on the original, the EXODUS Utada. But how can we create a good environment, and the album has a very open and would be acceptable to the ears of everyone.

"To come in or glide quickly on radio, and I was thinking that I want to lead the audience.思 do I do if I do I pop Chi cache! I also like this! like in (laughs).口what I wanted right away! "

"It seems that the debut album in America by now."
Utada order to embody the idea that the producers have been appointed as the team produced two sets of Norway, SUTAGEITO and producer living in Atlanta, Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, the two groups. Both Madonna and Mariah Carey, Ne-Yo, the world's leading producer of big stars like Beyonce involved, because the producer was not exactly the type and variety of "good pop" was.

"SUTAGEITO felt a good chemistry now and listen to the sound. I feel there is a sophisticated international, and so good. SUTAGEITO tricky and quite the opposite is true, American Meccha! Like I am. to do with him, I was not足SA urban feel, and I thought very interesting I think. They are R & B producers in Maine but now just because I make R & B album The fool is never without. The music industry is no longer present, but not R & B or pop it. You make a good quality pop music with the help of them, that's just what this was. "

Single melody echoing in his chest, suffocating me, Come Back to the beginning, "the tentative title song was an Austin Powers (smiles)" celebration of women's POPPIN KYATCHI, "in Spanish "I might be dead" I mean. As I sing in a bright Latin Nori, I hear interesting "that the MUERO meters, including 10 songs. As she had pictured it, is packed with familiar good ear in melodious number, it is inevitable that Hikki itself to comfort.

"What I'm making a few albums already, meaning" my "material for me to say, I was not fresh.'s Strong and I wanted to feel it feel fresh. It is by now so It seems to have a debut album in America for me, this is the debut album! KURAE it! I think I loaded it (laughs) "

(Interview statement / Kawaguri Maki)

Sry if the translation bad
Posted on: 2009/4/17 2:10
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Re: Magazine.Music.Yahoo.co.jp : Utada report HOT Artist
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much appriciated
Posted on: 2009/4/18 0:02
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Re: Magazine.Music.Yahoo.co.jp : Utada report HOT Artist
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thanks for the translation...
Posted on: 2009/4/18 2:10
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Re: Magazine.Music.Yahoo.co.jp : Utada report HOT Artist
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good job, i wish i could translate but i'm in the learning process yay
Posted on: 2009/4/18 11:32
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