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Evangelion 1.0 English dub trailer
For anyone who is interested/have not seen it yet. I can't wait to see the movie. It'd be cool if they kept Beautiful World in it

watch it here:


I was looking at CDjapan and the Evangelion 2.0 soundtrack is available for pre-order, but no track list is given unfortunately.
Posted on: 2009/6/25 21:02
  •  Suroki
Re: Evangelion 1.0 English dub trailer
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Awesome, I hadn't seen it yet!! Looks great, I'm excited! But what's with the lack of showings for Eastern US? Blah. And Misato's voice is too high-pitched, in my opinion. She's supposed to be sexy! XD

But other than that, yay Eva ^__^
Posted on: 2009/6/25 23:13
  •  <3_UtadaHikaru_Aijin_<3
Re: Evangelion 1.0 English dub trailer
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omg it looks freakin great!!!

can't wait to see it when it comes out on the net!
Posted on: 2009/6/26 14:49
  •  CherrySoda
Re: Evangelion 1.0 English dub trailer
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Thanks for sharing! The animation is amazing~ <3 And 100% positive that "Beautiful World" will still be in it. At least in the subtitled version. Funimation has a thing for dubbing songs for reasons unknown to me. Anyone heard Host Club's English songs? *SHIVERS*
Suroki- They kept most of the original ADV dub cast, so it's the same voice actress as Misato. And as for the Japanese dub...You think Mitsuishi Kotono's voice is sexy? Sailor Moon? Excel?
Posted on: 2009/6/26 15:28
  •  teiku5
Re: Evangelion 1.0 English dub trailer
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I can't wait to get it in Blu-ray!!
Posted on: 2009/6/27 14:36
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