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NEW RELEASES *post it all here!*
I created this thread for all of us here in UtadaNet to post ALL the latest releases: J-Pop, K-Pop, Mandopop/C-Pop, International Pop, and of course, Utada Hikaru's releases!

Any form, albums, mini-albums, single albums, compilation albums/greatest hits albums, as long as its from your favorite artists all over Asia and especially Utada Hikaru!

If you wanted to make a separate thread for a J-Pop/K-Pop/Mandopop/C-Pop/etc. artist's release, please, don't forget to put the link here.

Let's get updated about what's new all over the Asian music scene! ^_^♪
Posted on: 2010/9/22 22:16
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Re: NEW RELEASES *post it all here!*
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Other Music section is where you can shared other artist outside Utada Hikaru. Where anything about Utada Hikaru will be posted on the Utada Hikaru section not here.

I have a suggestion to you, you can create K Pop music Section thread, Mandarin Pop section and etc to different thread, so on each thread member will more focus on the thread.

As always stay on topic and do not break UNet Rules
Mean while sorry i have to lock this thread.

Thank You

Posted on: 2010/9/23 0:04
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