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  Question about UTADA on american TV & radio


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Question about UTADA on american TV & radio
UtadaNet Regular
Joined: 2005/11/20
A/S/L 22/M/France
Posts: 33
I do not live in USA so I am following Hikki's news thanks to the internet and I was wondering something.
A bit everywhere I have read that EXODUS had success in Japan but not a lot in USA and so I was wondering if Hikki's music was 'really' aired on american TV and radios ? For example, have all the american fans here saw at least one of her music videos for EXODUS on TV ? Or hear her songs on the radio ? Does Hikki have the same chances than all the other artists to promote her album or do her producers just wait for her fans to do their job ? Sorry to ask such a thing but I really wonder...

"ShiNe oN, sHinE On hArVeSt mOOn, uP in tHe sKy. i aiN't hAd nO LoVin' siNCe jaNuary, aPriL, jUne or JuLy..."
Posted on: 2005/12/5 13:59
  •  tombraiderjmm
Re: Question about UTADA on american TV & radio
Insane Hikki Fan
Joined: 2004/9/27
Posts: 1623
Well I don't think so. I've never seen any of her videos on Tv or heard any songs on the radio. From what I know, alot people didn't really like Exodus. I guess it's cause it's really different from her other stuff. And I think she's done promoting Exodus here in America.
Posted on: 2005/12/5 16:06
  •  shirahime26
Re: Question about UTADA on american TV & radio
UtadaNet Newbie
Joined: 2005/10/5
Posts: 1
im a huge Hikki fan and was really excited when i heard that she was gonna release an album in the US but i heard absolutly nothing about it on tv or on the radio.... she did have a concert in NYC at a club but since no one announced it i didnt get to go, but she is sortta known at nyc clubs with her remixes of devel inside me ^_^ and there was an articles comparing her to briteny spears (a poor comparison if you ask me) in the NYPost, an article in teenvoge or teenpeople i forgot ^^; and a blurb on MTV but thats about it...
i think Island Records should have done a better promotion job...
Posted on: 2005/12/21 9:12
Re: Question about UTADA on american TV & radio
UtadaNet Regular
Joined: 2005/10/20
Posts: 32
yeah there was next to nothing of promotion. I saw her ONCE on MTV and heard of the concert she had in NYC and read an article review of her Exodus album in The Washington Post newspaper but that was about it. But it wasn't hard to find her album in stores, although I bought it from and independent record store
Posted on: 2005/12/22 15:01
  •  Lily
Re: Question about UTADA on american TV & radio
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2005/12/26
Posts: 618
I saw her on MTV once, but fairly quick when they were talking about new music. I didn't even know about Exodus until I actually searched up Utada. She's not as big here in America than she is in other countries. The latest thing here that people go on about are bands like Fall Out Boy or rap like 50 cent. Pop isn't really in recently here in America. So it's hard for pop or even Jpop like Utada Hikaru's music to be seen on MTV or radio stations in America. If anything her music is used in video games like Kingdom Hearts or club dance music which are rare finds. Usually remixes or singles from singers outside America.
Posted on: 2005/12/26 14:55
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