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How to Turn On Cookies
Joined: 2004/3/2
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For Netscape Users: Cookie settings can be found under the Edit Menu. Select Preferences, then scroll down to Advanced. Any setting other than "Do not accept cookies" or "Disable cookies" will work.

Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher version Users: Cookie settings can be found under the Tools Menu. Select Internet Options, click on privacy tab on the top. Then click on "Advanced.." tab to see if you are not overriding automatic cookie handling settings (you can either select anything other than Block here or simply uncheck the box against Override cookie settings) and then click OK. Privacy setting can be left at either "Medium" or "low".

Internet Explorer older version Users: Cookie settings are found under the Edit Menu. Select Preferences. You will then have to scroll down to Receiving Files, then you may select the cookies option. Any setting other than "never accept" will work.

America Online: Go to My Aol, then select Preferences. From here, the options are the same as Internet Explorer.

All other browsers, please contact the manufacturer.

Posted on: 2004/6/3 21:19
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