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Taiwanese Music
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Taiwan has the 3rd largest sales revenue in Asian music industry and is home to many famous award-winning musicians.
Many of them are very talented and each has their individuality.
Also, the music quality is top-notch, includes many genres and doesn't lose to its Japanese/Korean counterparts.

Asian music is somewhat neglected by the West so,
if you do listen Taiwanese music, please share here :D

Here are a few of my favorite singer-songwriters:
Jay Chou - Run Aground Coral Sea White Windmill
JJ Lin - Never Learn Non-existent
Jam Hsiao - Wang Fei Blues Rewind
Van Fan - Don't Wanna Release Leave me in peace
Lala Xu - Limit Acrophobia
Source: Youtube as usual

There might be some language barrier but definitely worth a try, afterall its good music that counts.

Chthonic- Symphonic death metal band formed in 1995. Their music are based on history, political issues & Taiwan Independence. Their sensitive themes has been censored by media
I worship them cuz their dark/spiritual music strengthens my nationalism. Their bassist/leader Doris Yeh is hot
Metal in Taiwan ain't mainstream, so they mainly tour Europe & US and has gained favorable reception. They currently have a contract with Spinefarm records.
[WARNING:Not for the faint-hearted]Broken Jade (English ver.)49 Theurgy Chains
Posted on: 2012/5/5 1:28
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