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  UHSC Vol 2 songs + Sakura Nagashi - Your personal interpretation of the lyrics


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UHSC Vol 2 songs + Sakura Nagashi - Your personal interpretation of the lyrics
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As far as I know, a work of art is even richer when it is interpreted by people, because if a song only stays a song, it loses its own value! I then wondered, lately, about the reason why Utada Hikaru went on hiatus and I've remembered the 4 songs inside Utada Hikaru Single Collection volume 2 were about her feelings, at that moment!
I came out with some interpretations :)
You are free to tell me about all that you think, what you think instead, etc! Express yourself, anyway =)

Goodbye Happiness:
I think it is the most important song to tell us about Hikki’s feeling (that’s the reason why I begin by that one! =) )

There is some particular sentences that teach us Hikki felt alone, for a while. “The moment when people come to be alone, they finally realize the true meaning of love”
I think it is due to the fact she makes music on her own, at home, in her computer and the thing is she doesn’t have any time left for friends nor family, this is what “solitude” means in there… And “goodbye loneliness” would mean she would be stopping her singing activities to fight off that loneliness and actually spend some time with the people she never could! :)
But the very first lines:
“Amai okashi kieta ato ni ha sabishisouna otoko no ko kumo hitotsu nai summer day”
I think it means that good things always come to an end. Utada Hikaru released her “This Is The One” album and it had success, but maybe she had fun while promoting it and doing so many things for it and then, the selling slows down a little bit! (? It’s an interpretation) and then the taste of that “good thing” which would be the contact with her audience would make her turning into a lonely boy (Utada talks as if she were a boy in her songs – quite often) who tasted a candy and then he’s found alone after the sweet tasted faded away!

This meaning is also referring to “Arashi No Megami”.

I think Utada is the kind of person to feel used to have people by her side and then (thinking it is very natural to have them) forgetting to thank them, for what they brought to her. Arashi no Megami is a song from Hikki to her mother. Taking this trait of character with her, it extended to her relationship with her own mother. Utada and Junko may have had some issues, as (I assume) everyone would have with her mother but the thing is she wants to thank her a lot for the love she received. I think “The goddess of Storm” is nothing but the set of issues she might have had with her mother, then we can understand “Goddess of Storm, I’m no match for you”, as if she was saying “I dislike being in trouble with my mother, so please move on, I’m better than that.”
I’m saying this because she says “The wind after the storm is your scent”. It means after the hurricane comes a rainbow! And this rainbow is the beautiful perfume of her mother, still here even after they had some issues.
And there is a special sentence:
“To have been raised receiving a great deal of love
Why did we forget something like that?”
This, for me, would mean: “I know plenty of people and they gave me so much but I got used to forgetting about them… But you are my mother, you have raised me with all your love and this is something I should have never forgotten about! Here is the purpose of my song in order to tell you that I’m thankful for this love”!
“If you can accept this love
Why say "forgive me"? Surely...
I have nothing to give, to give
Why is it I did nothing but wait?”
This sentences shows how much people should never ask for something if they don’t have something to give back! And she, Hikaru, kept on asking, asking and wait to have things, but never gave anything. What could you give to your mother, as a child? Since she’s already giving everything to you? Except love... Junko is the one who asked Utada to “forgive her” but Utada doesn’t see the point to ask for apologize since everything Hikki has to be given is love! As if she said: “You who are able to accept the only I have to give you should never ask me to forgive you! You already gave me all I needed; now I should be the one who asks for your forgiveness...”

This really is a heartbreaking song! =)


Show Me Love (Not A Dream)
This is very hard to give an actual meaning of the song but I’ll go with what I think:

Utada is telling us a dream she did.
In this “lavender dream” she saw a snake and she tried to kill me but he didn’t die, he only “sinks back to the bottom of the lake”. I am sure about the “snake” kind of thing. It sounds crazy but I really feel it!! X) And as a positive symbol, snakes represent healing, transformation, knowledge and wisdom. It is indicative of self-renewal and positive change. - Meanings by DreamMoods.com –

She also dreams about seeing two “rabbits” and she tries to have both and finally “obtaining only one?”

“Searching for two rabbits, obtaining only one.” –

What about these rabbits to represent both of her cultures and the public she wants to have? For all we know, Utada always wanted to make a breakthrough into the US market but it never really worked (Exodus 04, although people like me really like this album, it’s the album that really got me into English, to be honest). And obtaining only one, to me, would mean both of the audience (the American audience and the Japanese one!)

Sakura Nagashi.

She did the translation herself, but the meaning (I’d give, of course) is weird… Here I go:

A woman who was pregnant just gave birth to a baby, and she is talking to her dead husband, because he just died, in an unexpected manner (not because he was too old or anything natural xD). He died shortly after he saw his last cherry trees blossoming fall!
This man had been a great person, who always wanted to protect everything around him and then the woman is found being alive without him. I think the sentence:
“Everybody finds love, in the end” means people will always try to find love but as Mika said: “Live your life until love is found”! If you always searching, you might spoil your chance to find the one who meant to come naturally! But this is not a complete analyze if you don’t take into consideration you can find love once you become a parent… After all, children are, I’d say, the only human beings one should consider as sacred, and since “Sakura Nagashi” is about motherhood, this would deals with the fact of being a mother: it changes your vision about the love you always thought you knew… I can feel it, because despite the fact I’m gay, I assume if I had children, I’d feel they’re sacred to me! ;)

Sakura is the most troublesome song for me to precisely describe, so if you have any other interpretation, I’d be delighted to read all about it! =)

I’m all ears :p
Posted on: 2013/6/16 13:02
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