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Utada Music Vids On radio Web
UtadaNet Regular
Joined: 2005/11/6
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i got this from a friend Theres a radio station here in ny called z 100 almost everyone that i know listens to it its pretty big and they just came up with this thing called videos on demand(on their web) and i was lookin through to c if they hav utada and then Bam there she was and the weird thing is they hav both of her vids over there.I didnt expect them even to hav her name there.(me and my friends requested her songs there b4 but they never played it, maybe thats y they put her vids). Now if yall can do me a favor and just watch the videos once and request her songs by email i would really apreciate it bec this thing is new and they hav utada so i think she still has a chance.... if everyone requests it! Thankss bye (remember this radio station is really big , her videos both of them do work i looked.. and it DOESNT HURT TO TRY lol if u want u can request by fone 2 but i doubt anyone would do that except me lol)**edit i 4 got the link lol http://www.z100.com/cc-common/videos_on_demand/ ** edit 4 those of u that dont get it just watch the vids once in the link (go to u in the letter list) and request any english songs of her by email its over ther bye
Posted on: 2006/2/5 7:47
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Re: Utada Music Vids On radio Web
Hikki Obsessed
Joined: 2005/12/26
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That's neat. If I had something like that where I live, I'd definitely would request all the time. Thanks for sharing that.
Posted on: 2006/2/5 10:09
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