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  Instrument Players, Not Choir People -^^-


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Re: Instrument Players, Not Choir People -^^-
Insane Hikki Fan
Joined: 2006/10/9
A/S/L 17/F/Singapore
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mi too
Posted on: 2007/1/11 22:58
  •  laijunjie14
Re: Instrument Players, Not Choir People -^^-
Show Off!
Joined: 2006/11/17
A/S/L 24/M/Singapore
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sure, we'll be happy to se, or maybe hear your talents
Posted on: 2007/1/11 4:13
  •  valefor6879
Instrument Players, Not Choir People -^^-
UtadaNet Regular
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Just wondering since there's people singing out there, there should be some playing too right? D: If anyone has a video playing any Utada or what other j-pop/rock/whatever out there, can they please post it here :D I'll do mine later :D ...when...I figure how to work the stupid vid. cam. >> ...on switch on switch...dammit...
Posted on: 2007/1/10 20:40
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