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  Anyone else joining the Jet Programme?


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  •  sokuri
Re: Anyone else joining the Jet Programme?
Hikki Fanatic
Joined: 2007/11/7
A/S/L 25/F/Kobe, Japan
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if you do decide to apply just PM me and we can discuss it further..Im still getting my BA in Japanese but I've done a lot of research into this program and have been to a few seminars about it. It is a great opportunity to gain some money after college and to live in Japan..Last I checked they pay for your ticket to and from Japan, transportation and rent while giving you a nice salary..Of course, if you pick the urban areas as your choice you'll be competing with some very intellectual candidates...If you don't mind living in the rural areas you'll have a much higher chance of getting in...I personally haven't gone yet but one of my good friends did and overall she did enjoy it but she had some complaints about her bad living conditions and about the school bullying her. They basically pranced her around to different schools and were very disorganized with her schedule..she would show up to one school..then they'd send her somewhere else an hour away for an hour of teaching..then tell her to come back..it got a little frustrating for her...Her apartment was also really small and her landlord would try to overcharge her for utilities (they pay rent but sometimes your in charge for utilities)...Overall though, if you have the high GPA when you graduate, go for it!
Im planning on attending graduate school in Japan but may do JET before hand to add to my resume and also to gain more proficiency in the Japanese language...
Posted on: 2010/3/8 11:46
  •  a_kikoo
Re: Anyone else joining the Jet Programme?
UN Reporter
Joined: 2009/8/18
A/S/L 26/F
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I know a few people who are in the JET program. I hear its good. I wouldn't consider doing it myself though.
Posted on: 2010/2/23 17:54
  •  AXMA47
Re: Anyone else joining the Jet Programme?
Hikki Fanatic
Joined: 2010/2/3
A/S/L 21/M/HI
Posts: 115
I have one friend that went she said its a great opportunity I really would go for it but I just am not the teacher type. Id say go for it..ganbatte
Posted on: 2010/2/23 17:50
  •  zunecrazy
Anyone else joining the Jet Programme?
Addicted to Hikki
Joined: 2009/3/24
A/S/L 20/ Male / Miami FL
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Hey everyone! Just out of curiosity. Is anyone else hear considering the Jet Programme to teach English in Japan? I'm applying after my BA :D
Posted on: 2010/2/23 17:45
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