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  Hikki Bounces back with visuals: Passion PV


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  •  timeless.hikki
Re: Hikki Bounces back with visuals: Passion PV
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Yeah, I absolutely agree. Hikki's PVs really own whatever NA has ever produced. Which is kinda sad, in a way, but...go Hikki! ^^
I have to say, Passion's PV really does look fantastic. Although there are some points that have me confused. (Such as the horses...?_?)
I also have to agree that Sakura Drops had a stunning PV. I'd been hearing a lot about it, and when I saw it, it was jaw-dropping. The visuals were amazing.

Btw, thanks for u/ling the Passion PV.
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Image courtesy of Hikki Forever
Posted on: 2006/2/1 19:02
  •  tombraiderjmm
Re: Hikki Bounces back with visuals: Passion PV
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Yeah, I just watched that one you posted up in the Media Bank and I have to say it looks great! You can see everything, I'm even sure I saw somethings I didn't see before in the video. But thanks again. x3
Posted on: 2006/1/26 0:34
Hikki Bounces back with visuals: Passion PV
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My two favorite Hikki PVs are 'Travelling' and 'Sakura Drops' simply because of the visuals. Hikki rivals other artists worldwide when it comes to her PV productions IMO.

However, after those two the imagery in her videos was well... lacking for my tastes, but she has totally redeemed herself with 'Passion'.

I am still having cold chills from it and I've already sent out a slew of emails telling my friends how desperately they need to see it! It is the most beautiful MV she has made since 'Sakura Drops' and I am just uber tickled to see that she still has it!

.:. .:.
Posted on: 2006/1/19 23:07
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