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Puti Chitara
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I would like to introduce our local artist Puti Chitara from Indonesia . She lived in Japan for 3 years study music, and back to Indonesia to chase her music career here


Puti Chitara, grew up in a musical surroundings, with a classical background, she plays the piano and started singing on stage since young age.

Continuing her study in Japan, she started to intensely wrote her songs both in Japanese and English, participating in local auditions and even winning some of the competitions. Returning from Japan, Puti and her friends established a band but has been disbanded and she continues performing in some projects, then started to record her own materials in her bedroom for a solo project.

With the help and support from her friends and family, together they start producing some materials and hope to release an album soon. Through her music, she hopes that all the people around the world will be able to listen and feel her music

Puti Chitara is currently assisted by her friends which she called them as 'The Buddies' performing together Andreaz at guitar, Saddam as bassist and Fikri as the percussionist. Together they perform as a band and bring out beautiful melodies to let the world hears.

Up until 2012, Puti Chitara has been nominated to two prestigious awards: Nominated for Favorite Newcomer ICEMA 2012 and also Best Overall Female Act VIMA 2013 representing Indonesia.

"there is no barrier in music"

Here is her performance

Cover I love you by Yutaka Ozaki, listen to her voice remind me of Hikki


Her Soundcloud


Actually She sang Hikki's Sakura Drops at Kokoronotomo Event but I don't record it. Hope she upload it.
Posted on: 2013/2/18 0:45
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