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Re: Hello everyone,
Hikki Fanatic
Joined: 2012/8/5
A/S/L 22 / Male / Marseille
Posts: 103
Hi! Oh yes, the waiting has been way too long (for me, in any case) and sadly enough, it's still running! lol...

Welcome here! ^.^
Watashi hitohira no yuki ni hajikeru
Watashi no omokage ga mienai ka na
Posted on: 2014/7/31 15:37
Re: Hello everyone,
Joined: 2004/3/2
Posts: 1466
Greetings Lion!

Twitter: @UtadaNet
Posted on: 2014/7/31 5:22
  •  Lion
Hello everyone,
UtadaNet Newbie
Joined: 2014/7/30
Posts: 5
I am from the Netherlands and I am currently 18 years of age. And I like swimming and drawing.

I grew up with Utadas music which feels kind of strange because she is still fairly young. I have been listening to the First Love for the longest time back then. Then I had a 'Hikki Break' and last year I picked up on all her albums. I love all of them. Also, I remember having dreams of meeting Utada when I was younger. God, I wish I could see her live.

I wish she would come back soon, but I am glad that I didn't have to wait as long as you guys. This whole time must have been hell for you!

Well, I hope that Hikki will come back soon and this forum will come back alive again and meet some of you.

Posted on: 2014/7/30 12:36
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