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  Hikki's comeback on April 2016, confirmed!


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Re: Hikki's comeback on April 2016, confirmed!
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Wow, apparently I haven't logged in to this site for 6 years (??!!!) but this is so exciting!!
Posted on: 2016/3/24 9:33
Hikki's comeback on April 2016, confirmed!
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Just read this one:
Utada’s return to the industry will be marked by the release of two songs: “Hanataba wo Kimi ni,” the opening theme song for morning drama series Toto Nee-chan, and the as-yet-untitled ending theme for news program News Zero. Both songs will debut April 4.

More about the article here: http://otakuusamagazine.com/LatestNews/News1/Singer-Utada-Hikaru-Announces-Return-To-Music-7540.aspx
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Posted on: 2016/3/15 0:23
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