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  BAD MODE IS HERE! What do you think about it on first listen?


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Re: BAD MODE IS HERE! What do you think about it on first listen?
I haven't heard the entire durations but it seems like it's so far is her best masterpiece after her long hiatus.

After that Mariah Carey-ish ‘This is the one’ album, now that BAD Mode song sounds BTS-ish to me. She's truly such a versatile and powerful singer-song writer!

I also haven't seen her latest UK concert in full durations hope she won't lose herself because that would ruin her career. I saw her being naturally and genuinely bossy (in a good way) in almost every behind the scene of her concerts before and to keep her taking control over her music production is a good thing. I find some of the music arrangements and composition by those UK musicians during the live turn out a bit disappointing to me. Especially the man with his moustache and his keyboard during ‘One Last Kiss’performance. That Ruben guy looks very dedicated to his entire part especially ‘PINK BLOOD’performance. I guess she chooses the right musician. My personal favorites of her Air Studios live sessions in order so far:
1. Hotel Lobby,
3. One Last Kiss,
4.‘Find Love’& ‘Face My Fears’at the same place. It's a bit difficult to choose between both.

She looks really cool when she's in a serious mode and being bossy when she needs to during working that look interesting and make me really admire & respect her as a hardworking professional.

Next live and TV Performance, she shall sing “Tokyo Nights” & “Play Ball” at Bunkamura Studio! I am dying to see them sung in live 😤

She never sings those two amazing DEEP RIVER album songs in live & TV appearance. Unfortunately 😔

That various Kiss & Cry live performances during Laughter in the Dark were such a huge success ⚾🥎(゜o゜;
Posted on: 2022/5/21 20:04
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Re: BAD MODE IS HERE! What do you think about it on first listen?
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I know I'm about a month late responding to this, but anyway, here's what I think of BAD Mode.

I felt like it was an immense nod, not just to Hikki's career, the way that Hatsukoi was, but also to their family.

I heard influences going as far back as STAR, and the one Sontada's voice appeared on was like a direct homage to the songs Hikki performed with their mother on STAR. Sontada I think sounds exactly like Hikki did when they were young.

I think there was so much to be loved about this album, and I do also love that Hikki was bold enough to just flat out put both a 7 minute track and a 12 minute track on this album.

The only track I didn't care for was the A.G. Cook remix of Face My Fears. I couldn't finish the track, because it made me physically ill. Like I honestly felt jarred and became nauseated from the mixing, as did the person I listened to the album with the night it dropped on Spotify.

Very rarely does a song affect me like this. I'm not sure what it is that made me have that reaction, but it happened. But apart from that, it was a perfect album.
Posted on: 2022/2/24 23:49
Re: BAD MODE IS HERE! What do you think about it on first listen?
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Love it!
I found it quite insightful to her experience in the past few years.
Love that she just went - Im just gonna do a seven and a half minute song ... and heck heres a twelve minute one!

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Posted on: 2022/1/19 20:42
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BAD MODE IS HERE! What do you think about it on first listen?
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Available now on all streaming services!
Posted on: 2022/1/19 9:01
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