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  •  Miiko
Utada's Music + Today
Addicted to Hikki
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[In my humble opinion]

After checking out the sales records on her recent singles that people have kindly posted, I wasn't exactly suprised but to actually see the numbers was quite upsetting. I know that people have their own budget and their tastes which change over time, but Utada's career is really going on a downward slump. Maybe there are some people who liked her recent singles (Dareka, Be My Last and Passion) but the general overview isn't quite as positive compared to 'First Love', 'Distance', etc... It's probably a result of timing of single releases but the numbers are within thousands not millions. Not to mention, there are other artists who are garnering more sales records.

Even in the beginning, it took me awhile to like Dareka ne negai ga Kanau Koro, Exodus and Be My Last. (Of course, I loved 'Easy Breezy' at first sight). ... as for Passion, though. The first part of the opening was very close to what I imagined. I was trying to think in her ideas as to what Passion sounded like before it was even released. So, I wasn't too suprised. However, I really loved her lyrics in this.

I started thinking more and more about the song's meaning than I usually do with her older albums. Although her recent songs weren't bad, they were movie theme songs and they were a bit sober and melancholy. I don't know if I wanted to focus on the sadder things at that point. But 'Passion' came across to me as an immense relief for me and it had really fitting lyrics.

<[^o^]> I wish good luck to Utada for the coming year of 2006.
Easy Breezy... She's got a new microphone! <[^_^]>
Posted on: 2005/12/23 16:49
  •  tombraiderjmm
Re: Utada's Music + Today
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Yeah I knida agree. I mean I just think that she needs to come out with a new album, instead of all these singles. I'm pretty sure she's working on it, so I think the new year will be a good one for her. And I'm a different with the songs. I don't really slow songs I'm into more fast and dancing songs. So Passion was a good one for me. I know that First Love was like her best selling album, but it's not my favorite one.

I love Deep River, cause there's fast songs and catchy tunes. But I do like all her songs, and I won't stop listening to them. Long live Utada! =D I'm sure she'll do better next year. And I wish her the best.
Posted on: 2005/12/23 23:21
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