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  •  Jayenciel
About yourself...
Hikki Fanatic
Joined: 2012/4/14
A/S/L 19/M/Taiwan
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Give a short profile about you!
You can talk about what you're currently doing, how you progressed in life,
what problems you encounter, what are your aspirations etc. You can include hobbies as well,
this way we could find our common interests & get to know each other better :)

Posted on: 2012/5/20 17:33
  •  Kawashima
Re: About yourself...
Addicted to Hikki
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A/S/L 16/F/Poland
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It's a shame you didn't start with sharing some informations about yourself . Nice topic, anyway.

So, my real name is Gabriela, I'm currently 16 years old, and I'm living in Poland. Right now I have to decide where do I want to go to school (in Poland we have 3 kinds of schools: one where you only have to pass the exam and that gives you right to work in a certain proffesion, 2nd, where you can pass the exam and write "matura", also known as maturity exam. You can go to the university to study. And finally, the 3rd type allows you to wrie matura, but to have a right to work in a profession, you need to go the university. 2nd is the best option in theory, but it depends on your preferences, if you want to work in a lab, then 3rd type is better choice). I already know which school is the best, and some of my acquaintances go there as well. I'm a bit afraid, because I'm used to my old school (9 years with the same class, I already feel nostalgy towards my school ). But I think that everything will be fine.

In a future, I'd like to work in a forensic lab, so I would compare the DNA of a suspected person with the DNA from a crime scene . Plan B is simpler, I think anout farmacy, too.

I really talk too much . I feel weird when I'm not talking, honestly! However, I don't like telling people about personal feelings and stuff like that. That makes me an introvertic person. Some people think I'm cold and emotionless, but my closest friends now the truth. I just don't show what I feel so openly, and I don't like worrying about stupid things.

My biggest hobbies are chemistry (I really love that subject, in my country we don't have only Science like in England, we have separate lessons for chemistry, physics and biology), psychology and foreign languages (but I lack a motivation to learn more...). I love listening to the music (well, who doesn't?), my fauvorite genres are rock, symphonic metal and j-pop. fauvorite films are crime stories and action films, same goes with books. My fauvorite book is "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown. I enjoyed the film adaptation, but it omitted some important facts from the original version. "The da Vinci Code" id also better as a book than as a film, actually, film version is pretty boring, while book is amazing.

What else can I say, I'm a hopeless dreamer who tries to think logically. If I really want something, i work as hard as I can to achieve that.

Now your turn, I'm very curious, what will you write
Posted on: 2012/5/21 10:16
  •  Jayenciel
Re: About yourself...
Hikki Fanatic
Joined: 2012/4/14
A/S/L 19/M/Taiwan
Posts: 120
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Posted on: 2012/5/21 20:09
  •  noxious.sunshine
Re: About yourself...
UtadaNet Regular
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A/S/L 27 / F / Like 4 places at once.
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Hmmm about me..

Like way up there in the intro thread, I'm living in Texas right now. My dad had his 3rd heart attack out in Sacramento Summer '11. He and my mom were hauling military equipment for the government. Having heart attacks and stuff is a big no-no, so they had to retire when their physicals expired. My dad also had his like 5th stroke in March of this year while driving a truck and was on his way home. They've got well over $200K in hospital bills and no insurance, so I'm out here helping them out with money and whatnot for a few months.

I talk alot as well, but I also have adult ADHD, so I can't help it sometimes. I don't have insurance, so I can't afford medicine. Plus, last time I took anything (Strattera), I wound up sleeping for like 3 days straight. It made me feel way too tired.

I'm a server/waitress. I've worked in a whopping 3 Mexican restaurants and (now) 3 American places (Red Lobster, Logan's Roadhouse - it's like Texas Roadhouse, & now a LongHorn Steakhouse). I hate serving. But I'm actually really good at it, so I'm stuck. I've been doing it for 5 years now and it seems like it's impossible to get into anything else.

I'm Spanish/English bilingual, but I consider myself an Intermediate Spanish speaker as opposed to fluent. I also joke that I speak "Mexican", because that's the dialect that I learned. I'm in the process of teaching my daughter what I know. She understands more than she can speak though.

I love to cook - I'm really good at it. Especially Mexican (I learned from my ex in Phoenix's family and then my most recent ex back in Nashville), but I can cook just about anything. Oh. Lasagna is another one I'm good at, it just costs me like $40 to make it.

I love music. Obviously. And books - I'm currently making my way through Ann McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series, though Life of Pi by Yann Martel (no, I didn't jump on a bandwagon 'cuz of the movie lol. I've had the book for several years), Battle Royale, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, and many other books. I'll read just about anything though, regardless of how bad it is.

Movies.. I can't think off the top of my head right now. However, if a movie doesn't catch my attention within 30 minutes, I'm either passed out or off doing something else.

Ok. I'm shutting up. hehe. Sorry!

(I also like bright colors, though yellow is my fav.)
Posted on: 2012/11/26 17:04
Re: About yourself...
Hikki Fanatic
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A/S/L 22 / Male / Marseille
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I met Utada Hikaru when I was 7 years old.

I don?t have such a good memory but I can remember of a game called Kingdom Hearts. When I saw the game for the first time, I heard the opening theme, called ?Simple And Clean?. To be real, it was the first time one voice could move me at that point! I shivered every time I heard the song! And I didn?t know it but this was the beginning of a brand new era for me. What I mean is that I was completely addicted to her voice, and to this song. It was a remix of one other original song (actually, the ending theme of the ?Kingdom Heart? game), and I also thought the real version was a good one too!

I had asked my cousin (Delphine) to write the lyrics of this song, for me. Yeah, I remember I wasn?t that good in English, since I was speaking French all the way, but I had some very little basis to start understanding the song!
It wasn?t that hard to translate and I remember I listened to this song at the time I used to look up in the dictionary every single word I didn?t know. I built up my vocabulary, back then!
And then, I knew the song by heart, I remember I only thought about this song and later, I thought about finding out who the artist was. I took the booklet of the game, Kingdom Hearts. I remember I was also pretty worked up by the story of the game, because Kingdom Hearts itself is a very interesting game. And then, to come back to the booklet, I went to see the credits and I read ?Utada Hikaru. TOSHIBA-EMI Limited?. I was like: ?The hell? She sings in English and she has a Japanese name? Yeah, but she?s Japanese, nah??. There were so many questions in my head. Fortunately, I got to look it up in the internet! And I have found out she?s American and she sings both in English and Japanese! I was stunned! It was when I was 9, or something, but in fact, I believed American people only sings in English! And Japanese couldn?t be American. Yeah, I was stupid, but come on, I was a child! xD

Other than that, I had listened to her Japanese song, hereafter! I thought she had a powerful voice both in Japanese and in English. I loved her voice ever since? In fact, my cousin had ordered a couple of CDs of Utada, I remember I headed out to school, she had a strange cardboard box, and I was wondering what were inside it! When I saw it was Utada, my eyes were wide open! =O Because I thought we, French people, could not have Japanese CDs xD Please forgive my foolishness, I?m a bit crazy at times! ;)

Well, what happened next? I got myself into learning Japanese, in order to Japan, someday. But also to talk with Utada someday! Yeah! It was my craziest dream, in the old days!
Anyway, I learned all of her songs by heart and from there; I became crazy in love with her. I remember the song that moved me the most, in her Japanese work, was ?Shiawase Ni Narou?, a wonderful song, I really shiver every time I listen to it! =O

I listened to ?Exodus?, once my cousin bought it, in 2004/5, I can?t remember exactly, but in any case, I listened to Utada?s American accent. I loved it so much! I was really into it! And I have enjoyed very good songs, as for examples ?Exodus 04? and ?Kremlin Dusk?? But the other songs were also very good, ?Devil Inside? is a very catchy songs, but nothing compared to ?Easy Breazy?! I loved this album (as I love every other Utada?s) and my favorite song inside was ?Exodus 04??!
I started to learn English very intensively in order to understand everything she said, and yes, I admit her songs were a start for me! =O

I started to sing at this time, even if I knew Utada a special vocal signature which I didn?t own, because I am a guy, and then, it is normal to realize I didn?t have a good voice to sing her songs! Of course I was a little pained to know that but never mind! I never loved her less for so! I continued to listen to her songs! I think I was 13 when the album Heart Station released! I remember I was so psyched! First, I heard the song on a website radio ( Hikkiforever, French database about Utada Hikaru ). I could listen to Stay Gold, Flavor Of Life and Boku Wa Kuma, but not the whole songs. I was eager to listen to the whole album! And my waiting was rewarded! I could listen to the whole album when it released! I also went to a cybercaf? in order to see the Heart Station clip! I shivered for so many times when listen to each song of hers, but especially for ?Flavor of Life?, my favorite song in this album!

Hereafter, I moved to Mayotte and then I couldn?t listen to Utada?s albums anymore but fortunately, I could listen to them in YouTube. When This Is The One released, I was sure I wanted to do like Utada. And being a singer? I loved (and I still do) this album and I really recommend this to anyone eager to discover a very smooth voice upon RnB/Hip-Hop tempos! ;)

I have heard that Utada gave a last concert before starting a 2-5 years hiatus. She said she needed to focus on herself, not as an artist, but rather as a ?Human?. It?s not any good to stay unlock inside one?s own home making music until unknown hours! I admit that but still!!! I missed her a lot! It was the beginning only. Wild Life was a success and it made me realize how hard it is to be a real singer! But I didn't back down ;)

I grew up and I have known Utada held: one official website ? Oh, I have tried to message her but it seems like she never saw my messages! =O, one twitter account (I signed up on this purpose only!!!) and, one MySpace account, but I thought it was kinda hard to follow up there!
She also runs a YouTube account where every singles videos of hers are! =o I love this channel!

During the hiatus era, I have searched for Utada Hikaru?s older stuff, and there I discovered about ?Precious?! I was stunned! She was just 15 but she had a very distinguishable voice, from her old days until now! I recognized her voice. Even if I know and admit, the songs inside are not the best she could have done, but at least, she had a first experience and she was aware of the flaws for a new album! =) And inside it, I think these songs were great, in a technical point of view (for her voice!)

I also listen to the very very very old songs! ?Konya Ha Boogie Back?, ?Hear Me Cry? and ?Fly Me To The Moon?. I loved her voice. It was undeniable!

A couple of years later (2, I think), on the 16th of November, I see a tweet of Utada, saying her new song released. At first, I believed I was dreaming or it was a prank, or something like this, but it wasn?t, I figured! I went see on the internet but the new was way too fresh! I discovered the song with the video and I loved it! I was of the first 100 people to put a like button? But let?s talk about the song. Woah? Soft piano as in ?Show Me Love?, Soft voice as her Wild Life performance of Sakura Drops, same ?background vocals? (in the end of the song), as in ?Show Me Love?, same emotion felt in ?Flavor Of Life?? this song had, and there had been a while since none had, me shivering like I never did! From head to foot! It was called ?Sakura Nagashi? and it became my anthem, the song I?m going to sing for my baccalaureate!

Now, nothing of Utada, except her new radio emission: Kuma Power Hour. I wish I could understand the whole of it but I?m not good enough in Japanese. I, sometimes, figure out a couple of things but it?s kinda warped up because you have to understand the verbs? And the complex vocabulary she has all skills to use! Hopefully, she translates in English at times! =)
I prefer when she talks in English but I think it?s only because I understand it better than her Japanese speaking!

I am currently waiting for the 2 episode of Kuma Power Hour! Hope I may listen to it! On the third Tuesday of may!

I have posted a single on Soundcloud which is a song directly inspired by Utada Hikaru and the dreams she had me dreaming! :p
Watashi hitohira no yuki ni hajikeru
Watashi no omokage ga mienai ka na
Posted on: 2013/5/20 2:30
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