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  •  Lord Snow
      Lord Snow
New Vs. Old
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So...this is just something that'd been on my mind lately.

I loved Hikki's stuffs. Back when I first found out about her and who she was, I just couldn't get enough of her. Anything from brief radio clips of her speaking, any new pictures, music videos, TV performance clips, all of it. I loved her to bits. I loved everything about her voice when she sang to the "look" that she was giving off as that sweet japanese talent.

All this changed with her western debut.

Suddenly...in every new picture that I see of her, the first thing and the last thing that I can think is: "she's wearing way too much makeup...what happened to all of that wonderful natural beauty??"

I'm serious...in some of her new pics, it really looks like she just caked it on her face...

And her music...oh lord, don't get me started on her music. I loved her old music. Pretty much any and all of it, I enjoyed listening to. The only songs that I merely didn't mind listening to were a lot of her old Cubic U songs and the single, Colors. I know that a lotta folks from the chan loved that song, but it just wasn't for me.

But the thing is, while I didn't much ENJOY it, I really didn't mind listening to her clear voice raised in song.

Then she released that Exodus album.

The one song that I even remotely enjoyed from it was Kremin Dusk. Two that I didn't QUITE mind was Exodus '04 and Hotel Lobby. The rest of it, I SERIOUSLY could not stand to listen to.

So I started wondering, am I the ONLY one who thinks this? Is there anyone out there who also feels that her old material was a lot better than the new?

That's the question, let's see if anyone has anything to say...
Posted on: 2005/3/8 21:55
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