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  •  OkashiNaYume
Douzo yoroshiku o-negai shimasu
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Joined: 2005/8/14
A/S/L 18 / Male / Phoenix, AZ
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Hello everyone!

As you've probably guessed, I'm new here. Way to go, captain obvious, no? Haha. Ok, anyway, my name is Chase and I will be 19 on September 24th. I graduated from high school this past summer, and am starting college next Monday. I'm working for a double major in Latin American Studies (working specifically with the Spanish language) and Asian Studies (working specifically with the Japanese language, thus the title of this topic). Since about the fourth grade, when there was a foreign exchange student who would come to my class, I've always been intrigued by the language and culture. The only problem is that I live in Phoenix, Arizona, which means practically no Japanese communities, which also means no Japanese-language anything. Thankfully, however, my prayers were answered when I discovered Utada. It's only been about a month or so since I've discovered her and I don't yet have the right to say that I'm a "fan," since I barely know anything about her, all I know is that when I first heard her song Colors (which is my favorite song, and the video is spectacular!), I fell in love with her voice and her beauty immediately! I couldn't believe how talented and intelligent she was (and is, of course), either!

Anyway, I'm probably rambling on, but I just figured I would introduce myself. I probably won't be around a whole lot, but if you do see a few posts from me in a few topics around this board, you'll know who I am. :)

If anyone has any more questions, feel free to ask.

Posted on: 2005/8/14 22:09
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