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suggestion...please post your opinion.
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here is a suggestion:

the next time hikaru releases a single or album, EMI (the label) should hold a launch event so that fans from each country can go and sort of meet with other fans as well and buy the album/single of course. the event can be a catalyst for the fans to organize a hikaru fanclub (philippine chapter - for example). the video from the event could be sent to hikaru to assess if doing a concert in that country would be feasible (i.e. many fans, sales, etc.)im sure the philippines would qualify as there are many hikaru fans in my country.

of course it would be best if hikaru would be there during the album/single launch. does anybody here know how to make this suggestion to the right people at EMI so they would listen to us fans? im sure they will listen especially if this comes from a fansite like Utadanet.

please post your opinion.
Posted on: 2009/11/28 11:17
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