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Cheering up Hikki
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Hikki is more devastated about her mother's death than you might think. Mourning over someone who died of natural causes is very much different from mourning over someone who committed suicide. The shock and stress is unbearable, though I cannot say that I have personal experience. As Hikki said in her statement, her mother had a history of mental illness. I don't think Keiko Fuji was aware of her own actions when she jumped. She had a horrible death. She didn't leave this world peacefully. Her death left a deep scar in Hikki's memory of her. In her words " then again her last act was so sad that a sense of remorse cannot stop welling up inside of me."

Hikki needs her fans now more than ever in these trying times. She needs us now. She needs our support. We are more important to her than you might think. She loves her fans as much as we love her. She's given us so much happiness. What can we give back? Ask yourself what we can do for her as fans? Letters, drawings, videos.

Now comes the question of getting our message to reach her. I'm not too sure about the address for EMI Japan's office:

EMI Music Japan Inc.
Akasaka Biz Tower 27F
5-3-1, Akasaka
Minato-ku, 107-6327
Tokyo, Japan

Can anyone confirm this? I asked my friend who knows, but she hasn't replied.
Deus ex Machina
Posted on: 2013/9/2 7:15
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