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  •  gabepgh
Sakura Nagashi Cover
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I made a male cover of the song Sakura Nagashi from the beloved Utada Hikaru. I followed the translation she wrote so hopefully I would capture the same feeling she sang about.

Here is the link: https://soundcloud.com/gabepgh/sakura-nagashi-cover

Here are the lyrics:

ďToo early this yearĒ
You said to me
As the sky turned from gray

To another shade
Of pale blue
And I did not know then that
Time would take you away from me
That this was goodbye

And the flowers bloomed then they
Fell again in this broken sky
At times I think of you,
And itís hard to let you go
And then I hear your voice
In the child that shares your soul

Everybody finds love
Everybody finds love
In the end
In the end

And in his cry, I heard your voice
Louder now than before
And in his sleep I saw your face
Protecting me

If you could see me now, you would see how much we have grown
And when he smiles I, feel the warmth that lets me know

Everybody finds love
In the end

I never thought itíd happen to me
Without you here, I found I could be
What you saw in me
I could not believe
And though you are gone, I find weíre happy

And in the end
Itís destiny
It canít be- that Iíll never
See you again

I havenít said anything that could keep you
Here with me
Here in my arms

I could not contain it
There are still times that I think of you
But the time has come
Posted on: 2014/1/18 9:37
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