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Ariana Grande - One powerful up-and-coming singer
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Hey guys!
Lately (Well, it's a little bit exaggerated to say "lately", 'cause it's a been a year I'm listening to her now), I have discovered about Ariana Grande.
If you don't know her, then, Wikipédia her! She's the next Mariah Carey. I want to expose my likes and apprehensions and couple of things, if, even so, I'm allowed to do so!

She has played in a sitcom called "Victorious", which relates the story of Tory, a girl who wants to be a huge singer. In there, Ariana Grande plays "Cat Valentine", a girl who's one of a kind: she's incredibly dumb but she has a big heart and is actually extremely funny (for me! xD)
I'm a little bit childish, but let's focus on the matter:

She's a talented and great singer that I admire. I really wish, she and Utada made a song together. The problem with the kind of singer that Ariana is, is actually that she takes a lot of space, while singing. What do I mean? She makes a lot of vocal runs (like Mariah Carey, a phrase of notes made within the same breath). I really them, but she's so powerful, as a singer, that if, for example, I had been a singer, I would have been "eaten" by her talent, and the song we'd do would be like "I sing but I'm a little bit forgotten while she's really in the spotlight"!

That what I notice whenever she sings with someone else! Except for Mika, who of course, has enough presence to make this sensation disappear!

Ariana Grande is one of my vocal basis (with Beyoncé and Utada Hikaru). I really enjoy listening to her stuff, because the kind of songs that she has, in terms of RnB-ish kind of songs, ressembles the ones of Utada's in her album "This Is The One"! Not EXACTLY the same but, at some points, it's the same style! I believe that Ariana was a made-up, a singer who was actually created (for instance, as Katy Perry would be) but she's not. What do I want to express here: In her acappella covers (If I were a boy, Rolling in the deep, Honeymoon Avenue, any other) she sings great, just like in the audio files! And that's the kind of artist I was on the look-out! And by the way, I love her vibrato!!! :)

Regardless of the fact I'm totally addicted to her, I envy the control she has over her voice. It's something that makes you think:
- She's great, it seems so easy while she's doing this, so why can't I figure out how the heck she does that???! I wish I knew!!!

A video worth ten billions words and I'm tired of typing!

Posted on: 2014/3/12 12:49
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