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Any new song to listen to?
Hikki Fanatic
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Hi everyone,

It's me, Elijah. I have been getting online from time to time, in this website, but the news are slow, right. And so is my playlist! lol

I just wanted to ask you guys if you knew any good song I could listen to.

I have been listening to Utada and tons of other Japanese artists but I would like to find songs that I would enjoy learning by heart, just like when I used to learn Utada's! lol It's pretty complicated to find some, except for the old good Japanese songs I've known, because I already know these by heart. But that's not the point:

Any suggestion you may have? Just go!
I mainly listen to J-Pop but I really want to find some catchy songs and good lyrics, maybe that would enhance my Japanese understanding as well, in the process, who knows?

I'm all ears! :P

Have a nice weekend, y'all!
Posted on: 2015/4/17 15:55
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