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   Hikki's "Anata" in Youtube ad promoting in the west!


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Hikki's "Anata" in Youtube ad promoting in the west!
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Hello guys, I have surprising news!
I wanted to watch Hikki's First Love music video on You Tube when an ad came on. The ad was Hikki's new single "Anata"! I was so surprised and took a video(you can see it on my twitter here-> https://twitter.com/momocatluv/status/939727746896314369 )
The ad came up again and I pressed the iTunes link and it brought me up to the US iTunes Store which was pretty neat!
(Here's a better vid by me-> https://twitter.com/momocatluv/status/939804833946648577 )
Since the ad saids "Anata" in English instead of Japanese and the link brought me to USiTunes, I though this ad was promoting for her international fans in the west!
What do you guys think?
I know a lot of people are busy and does not have time logging in to Utada net but I wish people would log in often here because I want to talk more about Hikki! haha
I feel like this website is deadxD I wish it was more active lol
Anyways..that is it:)
Hope to see you guys soon again!
Posted on: 2017/12/10 21:38
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