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  •  Appleandcinnamon
Alone on Utadanet
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Does anyone else feel alone on here? I mean, it's nice when you log in and there has been at least a bit of conversation in the forums, but otherwise, it feels quite dead in here, and that's sad.

It's not as if there's nothing to talk about. Hikki's coming out with singles all the time, and her new album is gonna be coming out in April.

I'm not meaning to complain. I just wanted to put it out there that I would like for us to come together as fans and keep this site alive. If we let it die, there's nothing else for us to connect on. The Crystal Utada site is gone, and I don't know of any others.

I just hope that someone, preferably more than one someone, sees this and replies. I want to see how many of us are left...
Posted on: 2018/1/20 23:02
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