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Hatsukoi Released - Discussion Thread
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Now that Hatsukoi is released in Japan and via iTunes globally, what do you think about the album tracks?

Here's my opinion.

Anata is still my favorite single from the album. I love the R&B/soul feeling and how she sounds soulful and ethereal.

Chikai is great, it's like a 80s/90s bid Disney ballad but with a current sound. Suprised to hear Hikki doing rap.

Too Proud is great and it's the most western song in the album, if her next release is an English album, it deserves and English version.

Pakuchi no Uta is like Boku wa Kuma, but much better. It has a mature feeling and Nariaki flavor, but at the same time it could be another NHK song.

Norikaga is my least favorite, but not bad.

Good Night is a good song, very relaxing.

Yuunagi is good and very ethereal.

Shittosarerubeki Jinsei is another great and experimental song, it could be another dorama theme song.
Posted on: 2018/6/26 12:08
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