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Addicted to Hikki
Joined: 2007/5/25
A/S/L 22/f/Ontario
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Hello all. My name is Meghan and I'm a long time fan of Utada Hikaru. I feel kind of out of touch with my favourite artist lately since the forum I would usually go to closed down. I didn't even know about some of her newest singles for awhile, so I thought I'd join this forum. You all seem like a close knit community with a similar interest in Hikki (the old forum had ppl admitting they didn't care for her and just hung out there for the community o_O )

I was introduced to Hikki's beautiful voice in my high school Japan class and have been in love since. I used to teach English in Japan and had the opportunity to pick up Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro and the Singles collection while I was there. Along with the Budokan concert and a internet broadcast dvd of her. I'm 22 and in college to be a early childhood educator now. I hope to meet some more fans
Take care
Posted on: 2008/2/19 19:18
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