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   soulcaliber 4!!!! (ps3 users only)


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soulcaliber 4!!!! (ps3 users only)
i am in desperate need of some good chalange in this game because ...well i have an..ahem 100% win rate online(seriously) and i am in search of an formidable opponent in soulcaliber 4 on the PS3. if anione has the game(even it is released only 2 days ago...) and i good at it please drop your accountname here..PLEASE i am really desperate XP

mine is bahamutrulezzz

so i hope people will react on this and..well let the fight begin!
Posted on: 2008/8/2 6:37
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     Re: soulcaliber 4!!!! (ps3 users only) ayehunny 2008/8/2 6:50
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