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  •  ramenbox
Hikki Obsessed
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Anyone here plays the music game, Audiosurf? I know it's not a very new game. Out of curiosity, I downloaded it a few days ago and tried it today. I really enjoy cruising along to my favorite tunes because of the simple yet beautiful visuals. The dreamy ambience is really lovely. Despite the enjoyment, I'm still bad at the game, perhaps time will make me better, lol. So far I'm still trying out various modes. If you haven't heard of this game before, check it out HERE.

Since this is an Utada forum, here are videos of players playing Utada's songs that I found on youtube. It'd be cool if a few of us can play her songs together and compare the scores, just for fun.

Audiosurf : Utada Hikaru - Beautiful World
Audiosurf : Utada Hikaru - Traveling
Audiosurf : Utada Hikaru - Sanctuary
Audiosurf : Utada Hikaru - Simple & Clean PLANiTB remix
Posted on: 2010/2/24 6:40
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