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  •  Gokie
A few things...
Addicted to Hikki
Joined: 2004/5/22
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All problems in IE6 on WinNT5 (2K/XP). Will try Firefox 0.8 and Mozilla on Linux later.

1. On the forum home page, clicking within the vicinity of the link to a forum will take you there. This is incredibly annoying, and purposeless - people are, and should be, competent enough to be able to click on the link itself should they want to go into that forum.

2. The "Themes" section isn't functioning properly. "ClassicHC" is selected by default, but if you click on "BlueishClassicHC", the page reloads, yet nothing changes.

3. Uploading of custom avatars doesn't seem to be working yet. Also, the avatar options should be accessible from the "Edit Account" page, which is most logical, instead of from the "View Account" section.

4. Mentioned before (in the IRC chan), but the navigation buttons are too small, not very pretty, and not very informative. Making users hover over each to get a description is NOT a good idea.

5. I love the Everaldo icons, but they <ARE> copyright protected. More importantly, however, the "private forum" and "new posts" folder icons look incredibly aliased - not good.

I'll probably find more later, and if I do, I'll append the list. But for now, that's it. ^^

Posted on: 2004/5/22 12:53
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