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  •  aisho
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I do not normally get a chance to do this, but since I have some time, I thought I'd join the bunch of you and show...er...stuff, if you could even call it creativity. I'm more of a music person, myself, but...two poems- one that I wrote a few years ago, and one that I wrote tonight. Not much improvement, but...

Sweet Love for Thee (Written three years ago):

These tears fall in silence
as the wind whispers gently into my ear
I see those that care for me,
but how can I not be?
I do not understand what I seek,
and my love will forever burn strong for thee
I wait upon a silver dawn
And sing out a mournful song.
It bears the weight upon thy love,
And I feel the chill of loneliness cry out upon the open sky
Who feels my pain, who feels my sorrow?
Your peace and dignity is not mine to borrow.
I must stay and wait upon a red sun's dusk
I wait for thee, oh yes I must.
Endless clouds, endless sky
Thou hast not given me thy heart...but why?
In the shadow of a raven's wing
I hear the song of church bells ring
The melodious echoes do not sound for me.
Upon that silver dawn, I prolong to sing.
Of you, my love, of my sweet love for thee.

Untitled (Written recently):

If you heard my outcry
Would you know?
If I really were to try
Just how much would I show?
What I feel about you
I don't think you see
That my love is true
It was all meant to be
My heart skips a beat
Everytime you smile
It is always such a treat
To see you once in a while
My hopes are rapidly fading
As you blindly walk away
I guess I really am trading
My happiness for yours today
Is it really over?
Must I say goodbye?
Love as rare as a four-leaf clover,
How can I bring myself to lie?
I love you
Can't you see
that my heart is blue
because of what you've done to me?
Some day I hope you'll hold me,
Never let go
My tears will fall like the great sea
The waves high and low
I love you
can't you see
that my heart is true
that it wants to always be
happy for you?
Can't you see
My love is true?
My heart swells with glee
Because of what I see in you.
Posted on: 2007/9/21 19:24
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