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  •  jigenbakuda
Re: Poetry
Hikki Obsessed
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Well it seems your poetry is so sad. As if you have only had one sided love affairs in your life. But read those 2 poems makes me realize how love is a 2-sided blade. The same thing that can make you smile can also make you cry. I guess that's just life. But its a shame we can't change who we love, lol. We would be much happier.

Well the first one seems to be about unrequited love, but the second seems as if its about a woman in a relationship with a man that just wants to accept her body and not her love. As if he a player or something and the woman competing for the love of this man.

Well are these poems about you personally, or were they just created by a mood you had?

If one sets a trap, isn't it the victim's fault for falling in?
Posted on: 2007/10/7 10:32
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