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  •  Gokie
Re: Quote?
Addicted to Hikki
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Well, the way it works now, you click the "Reply" button to the post you want to quote, and then press the "Quote" button on the post message screen, and it'll enter the entire message for quoting.

Putting a "Quote" button by "Reply" would make it a bit easier, yes, but wouldn't do much to solve the problem of not being able to easily quote from multiple posts in the same thread.

(I would've mentioned that, but then cu3 would probably just start ****ing at me for "complain[ing] too much" again, so I didn't. =P)

EDIT: "b i t c h" is apparently edited (despite being a perfectly valid word, as in female dog), but more importantly, it gets replaced with "****" instead of "*****"... which makes it seem like some other profanities that most definitely DO NOT have the same meaning... ><

Posted on: 2004/5/30 15:42
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