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Re: My Adventures in Vana'Diel General Terms
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A/S/L Vana'Diel
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Well to start it off i need to clue you in on some abbreviations which i may use during my stories that i will be sharing.

Zone = Exit area usually because someone got trained by to many monsters and cant handle them all. So if you heare "Zone" you better pack it up and leave.

Pull = When you select a certain type of monster to attack and cast some type of spel or do an act to get it to notice you. So it will come after you.

Camp = Where a group of teamed player stay and wait for the pulled monster to reach before uneleashing chaos upon it.

AH = Auction House this is where people can put there items up for sell to other people, of course some people want to make a profit, they jack the prices up ridiculously high.

MH = Mog house this is where you go to change your job type and or add a subjob, you can decorate your mog house to fit your individual taste there is a varity of things you can by to place in mog house.

NM = Notourious Monster these are unlike the normal monsters, you must do certain things to get these special monsters to spawn, Like keep area clear of certain type of lower monster.

BCNM = Burning Circle Notorious Monster very special bosses usually dragons you must complete ceain tasks to be able to fight these most of these are quest , or mission realted to be able to fight them. I have not fought a BCNM yet so i will get footge of the first time i do..

Aggro = Certain monsters will be aggitaed by your presence , either by job, smell, sight or sound. They will come after you and attack you because they hate you.

Link = When monsters get help from other monsters they have freinds join in on the (censored)ult, moreover if you pull a certian type of monster say a catipillar if they are a link affiliated then every other catipillar you pass on way back will join in.

Farming = When you hunting a specific type of monster to get special drops from it for beating it either to sell or sythesize stuff with.

HP = Home point , this is where you return to if you die. Or in game terms unconcious.

Mob = Monsters.

These are just the basics if i say something that i havent covered i will explain i on the way.
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Posted on: 2004/6/3 4:40
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